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About Manitoba's Owned and run by Richard "Handsome Dick" Manitoba. The idea for Manitoba's was hatched in 1964 when Richard, then 10 years old, took a train ride down from the Bronx with his dad Bill, to see some of what Manhattan had to offer. One of their stops, and one that would be greatly impressionable on the young Prince Of Men, was a visit to Jack Dempsey's world famous Broadway bar and restaurant. Jack was one of the greatest heavyweight boxing champions of all time. He was sitting inside the place, right by the window. Bill tapped on the glass, and he and his son Richard waved to Jack. Jack waved back. A young Handsome Dick Manitoba was mighty impressed. He stepped back and looked at the enormous Jack Dempsey sign that adorned the top of the restaurant. He stood there for a moment and soaked up the entire environment that is Broadway, in midtown Manhattan. The seed had been planted. The Kid Manitoba knew right then and there that he wanted a place of his own. A hangout. A clubhouse. He wanted the lights...He wanted the excitement...He wanted the sign! Little did he know that his dream would come true....35 years later.

99 Avenue B (Between 6th & 7th Street)
New York City NY, 10009 USA

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